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At NCBSE, we truly acknowledge the fact that each child is a unique individual and must be nurtured and encouraged to develop and reach his/her full potential.

Our goals in the teaching- learning process are definitely value based and also focus primarily on the needs, interests, strengths and developmental levels of children in our care.

We see learning as a process of active exploration and questioning and strive to strike the right balance between structured and unstructured, teacher directed and self chosen, group and individual, indoor and outdoor, noisy and quiet and active and passive activities.

Our carefully designed competency and skill based programme provides a wide range of experiences and materials to foster and enhance physical, motor, social, emotional, aesthetic and intellectual development it allows ample time and opportunity for one on one contact with the teacher.

We strongly believe in emphasizing the thinking process, concept based learning in children. To achieve this objective, we use the Project Method which is multidisciplinary and integrated in nature.

The science corner is an integral part of every classroom. Children are encouraged to ask questions, seek information, clarify, discuss, experiment and share about the things they observe around them.

A positive, relaxed and happy atmosphere in school coupled with the provision of a rich variety of experiences such as creative drama, story telling, creative activities, sand, block and water play, a specially designed doll's house, gardening and field trips promotes development in a meaningful and well rounded manner.

Our teachers are our strength. As 'facilitators' in the teaching-learning process they are engaged in professional development at regular intervals through out the academic year.