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School Managment

School Managment

Rev Sr K Sundari:

Rev. Sr. K. Sundari President of Nirmala CBSE school is a well skilled, passionate person with tones of energy to strengthen the parent and teacher community on behalf of management in nurting the healthy relation between parent teacher cardial circuit.

 Rev Sr T Sujatha:

Rev. Sr.T Sujatha  is present Head mistress of the school; under her alimentary and fastidious efforts, the school reached to a novel kick –start which depicts the regimen of the management in catering education with proven and protective track record the school is the added feather in the cap of C.S.A.  Guntur Province, to present Nirmala E/M (State Board) School, Nirmala College of Pharmacy, which are with sound reputation in and around Mangalagiri Mandal.

Rev Sr.G Sundari:

Rev .Sr .G. Sundari our present correspondent of Nirmala CBSE School is a person of kind heart and down to the earth always at the reach of the situation and takes measures to solve the problems. Her experience always counts in her decision.

Dr. M. Kameshwara Rao:

Dr. M. Kameshwara Rao, Associate Dean (Academics) K.L.University, a well skilled person with tones of energy to strengthen the parent and teacher community is one of our moral support in nurturing the healthy relation between parent – teacher cordial circuit.

Mr. Ch. Srinivasulu:

Mr. Ch. Srinivasulu, B.com, Bed working as Assistant section officer in school education Department, Secretariat,Velagapudi, Amaravathi,A.P, is stern in assisting management with exerting the rules and norms at school.

Mr. K. Srinivasa Rao:

Mr. K. Srinivasa Rao Who is Advocate at Vijayawada Bar association is a passionate parent, much enthusiastic counseling cell, provides the management in bringing out the issues related to the students and also cooperate with timely and genuine suggestion.

Mr.N.Bala Parameswara Rao:

Mr.N.Bala Parameswara Rao Business man is our parent much concerned on the environment health and Hygiene of the student community. He is much concerned with greenery, sanitary and Health awareness of the campus.