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  • 2019-06-25 09:23:09

Learning and training in Karate-Do at our academy helps the child not only to be able to defend him/her self but also prepare the child to face the future with confidence.
DISCIPLINE.To achieve success and to learn in anything in life one requires great discipline and consistency for without it, it’s not possible to learn or progress in life or in any art. Children’s reaction to discipline in the beginning is little difficult but if they are encouraged then later they start developing self-discipline. Being self disciplined helps the child to develop an ability to focus their mind on a task given which results in improving concentration. Many of our student’s parents can see an improvement in their children’s power of concentration.
SINCERITY AND DEDICATION.If a child is not disciplined then it is very difficult for him/her to be sincere and consistent towards any task given which results in switching from one activity to another till he finds the most comfortable and easy going things. Discipline is the link and the chain connecting to sincerity and dedication.
EASY GOING ATTITUDE.Not taking anything seriously and taking everything casually results in a “JACK OF ALL & MASTER OF NONE” syndrome. Working on your weaknesses and turning them into your strength results in a strong and capable person and this can be achieved only by being consistent and taking the training seriously resulting in a person knowing his/her abilities and a way of extending them. Overcoming one’s weaknesses result in self confidence.