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About School

About School

Why only CBSE?
1. CBSE education is a structure which allows you to study rigorously and  Develop skill and at same time it follow a compact structure which means the Syllabus is easier that of other boards.
2. CBSE is learning through experience.
3. Note worthy feature is, course got validity and the curriculum is standardized.
4. CBSE Conducts several school level entrance exam in our country including AIEEE AISSCE, IIT, AIMS, JEE and NEET and so on.
5. Teaching methods are fully designed to meet the demands of the students to face the exam successfully through continuous assessment,interactive method and experimenting process.
6. Talent search examinations and scholarships in store for the students. The Volume of the Syllabus is also less.
7. CBSE is a nationwide scholastic area, so admission in other states is easier while moving to other states on transfers.
8. The Pass percentage is cent in the country

i) OUR MISSION: Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from it.

•    Help students find their own identity.
•    Cultivate Qualities to live with dignity.
•    Motivate to achieve and build self esteem.
•    Embolden to rise after every fall and not to be afraid to swim up stream.

ii) OUR VISION : To develop a society with
•    Sound knowledge to think well and live well
•    Versatality in innovation and invention
•    Courage to lead
•    Heart to care
•    And a mind to be generous


•    To teach pleasing manners and sound discipline
•    To provide opportunities for the development of an ideal characters and
•    To impart good education and mould the children as a complete individual
•    To develop moral values.


i) LITERARY ACTIVITIES : Debates in English are conducted to promote the sill of public speaking, quiz to  promote General Knowledge.

ii) GAMES : Conducted different competitions like running, chess, carroms.

iii) CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES : Facilities are provided for out door activities like karatae, drums keyboard and well trained teachers for kuchipudi dance .
iv) CULTURAL EVENTS : Students are also encouraged to participate in cultural activities like Singing, Music,Dance,  Painting and Rangoli etc.


Educational Videos, Plays and Skits are played on the smart screens for the broader understanding of the respective, Subject Content, A.V. Media with latest audio visual equipment.Library facility from class I-VIII Fire and Safety for each and every floor.C.C. Camera Survillence through out the campus.


     I to VIII – Eng, Tel, Hin, Mat, Sci and Soc Students.
     LKG to VIII : - Computer Science.
    Text books are prescribed for the students in keeping with the specific needs and ability of the children.


The School prepares student for the class VIII. The Students have a very good record of academic excellence.  It ensures that all round development of Students with great emphasis to individual attention and sound discipline through “House System” Adequate importance is given to co-curriculum activities sports and games.


The School conducts classes from LKG to VIII.  The medium of  instruction is English.
Tel/Hin is introduced from UKG.

Characteristics of Nirmala student:
1. She/he is friendly, courteous and generous
2. She/he is truthful, optimistic and hardworking.
3. She/he is self-disciplined, punctual and responsible.
4. She/he is empathetic to the less fortunate.
5. She/he takes up any work assigned and considers no demeaning.
6. She/he develops scientific bent of mind.
7. She/he cooperates with the members of any group she/he is a member.
8. She/he upholds the dignity and decorum of the school.

Payment of fees:
Fees for the academic year commencing in April will be collected at the school counter.The school counter will remain open  from 8:30Am to 12:30 Pm Monday to Saturday.